1.Reduced operational costs

  1. Most of the customers perceive facility to book online as a major convenience compared to calling a hotel. A telephone call can be an expense, leads to loss of time and increases scope for inaccuracies/mistakes in booking
  2. With an online system your customers are assured of the booking. Your staff will love to see e-mail confirmations of bookings as they just do not need to do anything else to complete the reservation
  3. Online booking facility helps reduce your operational costs as your staff can be more productive on other activities than dealing with telephone calls
  4. Online booking facilities improve your brand value and helps increase customer loyalty


  1. An Online system opens up multiple channels of revenue for your Hotel
  2. You don’t need to spend any money to market your Hotel on the Internet
  3. We ensure your Hotel is marketed well and appears prominently on all Hotel portals and Search Engines


  1. You will be able to analyse and plan your room inventory well in advance. With accurate information you will be able to plan and devise new promotion schemes for any seasonal variations
  2. You will be able to offer/add/change tariff packages on the fly. Promotions can be configured quickly and offered/published to both Agents and customers. This will help you ensure better room utilisation during low seasons
  3. Low cost of deployment
  4. CHOBS is available on a transaction model – meaning, you pay only for reservations actually realised. This model does not require you to invest any upfront cost.
  5. CHOBS is also available as a stand-alone package – you will pay a one-time license fee and the application can be used forever