Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can Callippus Hotel Online Booking System (CHOBS) benefit me ?

  • CHOBS can help you quickly take your room inventory online
  • Customers or Agents can find your hotel on search engines and Hotel Portals and book rooms online through portals or even your own homepage!
  • The convenience of online booking increases brand loyalty. Residents are very likely to book with you again.
  • The facility to use multiple tariff models/packages enables you to make all different roomtypes and special arrangements bookable online.

2. Can I run CHOBS software as an in-house system ?

  • CHOBS is designed as an Online Booking System. It is not a substitute for a Hotel Management System, however, in cooperation with the supplier of your system, we can arrange for CHOBS to correspond with your in-house Management solution.

3. What are your pricing/licensing options ?

  • CHOBS can be purchased as a stand-alone system by paying a one-off amount as mentioned in our price lists
  • CHOBS can also be used on a pay-as-you-use model, wherein each booking converted into occupancy will be charged at the rate mentioned in our price lists.

4. How do I go about purchasing CHOBS ?

  • If you intend to deploy CHOBS as a stand-alone package with the help of our partners, you can contact your nearest reseller here
  • If you intend to deploy CHOBS as a stand-alone package and deploy it yourself, please follow the link to buy here. The documentation is outlined here
  • If you want to utilize our Hosted model service, you do not need to purchase any license. You may register your hotel here and get started quickly with taking your Hotel online.

5. How can I deploy CHOBS ?

  • CHOBS comes delivered as a zipped package consisting of ASP .Net application.
  • The installer wizard walks you through the application installation in a step-by-step process. A vanilla database is installed as part of the installation.

6. What is the technology on which CHOBS is built ?

  • CHOBS is built using
  • ASP .Net
  • SQL-Server 2005
  • Windows 2003 server

7. Can I run CHOBS with PHP/MySQL ?

  • No.

8. How will I integrate CHOBS with my in-house Hotel Management System ?

  • This requires minor customization of your in-house Hotel Management System with our CHOBS system
  • You may contact us if you are interested in getting this integration carried out for you.

9. Do I need to purchase a computer/server for installing CHOBS ?

  • If you opt to host your system with us or any other hosted provider, you will not need a dedicated server/computer other than to use the application for administrative functions (i.e., Admin client)

10. [SaaS Model] What do I need to do to bring my hotel online ?

  • You will have to first sign-up on our portal ( and upload some basic information related to your Hotel
  • You will then receive a username/password to access our portal and other services it offers
  • Using these credentials, you will have to create your rooms, tariffs, optional services, terms and conditions, cancellation policies, etc.,
  • You will also be able to select from menu of themes to match it with your branding. You should be able to configure the look and feel to a great extent with minimal technical knowledge
  • Once you confirm all the details, you will send us a request to activate your hotel
  • We will check the relevant details entered by you and once we are satisfied, we will activate the hotel

11. [Standalone Implementation] What do I need to do after installing CHOBS ?

  • From the admin panel you will be able to retrieve a “Check Availability” HTML snippet
  • You can use this small piece of code in your main website
  • As soon as this is done, customers will be able to access the CHOBS application via your web site.

12. Do I get access to CHOBS upgrades?

  • Yes, you will be offered free upgrades as and when they are available
  • The upgrades will have to applied manually. Please ensure you follow the instructions mentioned in the respective README documents.

13. What payment options can I offer my customers?

  • CHOBS provides extensive functionality to offer various payment options for Online Booking
  • You will be able to charge the full amount in advance (using a pre-defined Payment Gateway)
  • You will be able to charge a part of the amount in advance
  • You will be able to offer different Cancellation criteria as well – Full refunds, Partial refunds, etc.,

14. What security measures are available in CHOBS?

  • CHOBS provides multi-level security for payment processing
  • All transactions are processed using SSL layer using high-strength (256-bit) encryption keys
  • Credit card numbers are stored encrypted in the database as required by PCI norms
  • These numbers are however available to you for use in case of a no-show,